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Semantic Scholar API

Semantic Scholar provides a RESTful API for convenient linking to Semantic Scholar pages and pulling information about individual records on demand (subject to our dataset license agreement). When publicly displaying data from this API, please incorporate the Semantic Scholar name and logo and point back to Semantic Scholar at https://www.semanticscholar.org/ with a utm_source=api UTM parameter.

Rate Limit

The API is freely available, but enforces a rate limit and will respond with HTTP status 429 'Too Many Requests' if the limit is exceeded (100 requests per 5 minute window per IP address). Higher rates of access are allowed to Data Partners of Semantic Scholar - interested parties should submit a request via the partnership contact form to determine if a private API key is appropriate for your request.

Browser Redirect

https://api.semanticscholar.org/[Paper Identifier]

You can easily link to Semantic Scholar pages without calling the API. Simply create a link with the ID you have and we will redirect the user's browser to the appropriate page.

Accessible Paper Identifiers and Examples:

API Methods

Lightweight programmatic access to paper and author data. If you're interested in large amounts of our data, see our freely available, downloadable archive.

Paper Lookup

https://api.semanticscholar.org/v1/paper/[Paper Identifier or URL]

Look up information about a paper in Semantic Scholar. Returns a JSON structure describing the paper.

Accessible Paper Identifiers and Examples:

URLs within the domain of Semantic Scholar can also be used to look up paper information:

By default, references from the paper will not be included if we do not have the referenced paper. To retrieve extracted references anyways, include this query param. Note that paperId and url will be empty for unknown references.



Author Lookup


Look up information about an author in Semantic Scholar. Returns a JSON structure describing the author.